Mike Giglio is a journalist and writer focused on war, terrorism, and national security, as well as probing this divided American moment. He has reported from countries around the world and embedded extensively with local forces to cover the conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Ukraine. His investigative work led to the dismantling of an ISIS oil-smuggling network, aided the prosecution of traffickers in conflict antiquities, and caused the U.S. government to admit responsibility for three dozen civilian casualties. He is a two-time finalist for the Livingston Award and a winner of the Arthur F. Burns Prize.
His first book, Shatter the Nations: ISIS and the War for the Caliphate, was published by PublicAffairs in Oct. 2019 and is based on in-depth reporting alongside protagonists on all sides of the conflict. It has been called "a searing debut" (Publishers Weekly) that "captures, better than most any other [book], the gritty, confusing and often cynical nature of this war" (Washington Post). 
Mike appears regularly on television and radio to discuss his work and has briefed U.S. government officials, senators, and congressmen on his analysis and reporting. He has worked as staff writer and correspondent for Newsweek, BuzzFeed, and The Atlantic. Previously based in London and Istanbul, he now lives in Washington, DC.