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What the Conviction of Stewart Rhodes Means for Right-Wing Militancy

A report for The New Yorker on how imprisoning the Oath Keepers’ leader for seditious conspiracy could derail the movement he helped build.


The Oath Keepers’ Radical Legal Defense of January 6th

A report for The New Yorker on the interpretation of the Insurrection Act used by Stewart Rhodes and his legal team.


The Lonely Revolutionary

Oath Keepers Leader Stewart Rhodes' Jan. 6 reckoning.


Blowback: The Forever Wars Are Coming Home

An essay for The Intercept about how the post-9/11 wars are fueling rising militancy in America and the country's political breakdown.


The Secret Source at the Center of the Election Storm

A profile for The New Yorker shows how a conspiracy theory known as the New World Order has helped to fuel Trump's attack on the 2020 election.


Fear Thy Neighbor

An armed standoff in a small Vermont town reveals something elemental about the fear and division of the moment. A deep dive for This American Life tells the story of the conflict and looks into the history of the man at the center of it.


Will the War on Terror Come for Right-wing Troops?

Americans on either half of the political divide are growing more comfortable deploying the terms and frames of the Forever War against the other side.


A Mob Attacked the Capitol. Now What?

Jan. 6 was the next blind step toward an outcome no one wants, driven by people who can’t understand their own endgame. The first in a series of reported essays for The Intercept.


What's Next for the Militias?

The Capitol riot has forced a reckoning inside America’s militant groups.


Poll-Watching with the Militias

Patrolling voting sites with a militia in Virginia for the election edition of This American Life.


"Civil War Is Here, Right Now."

A pro-Trump militant group has recruited thousands of police, soldiers, and veterans. An Atlantic investigation shows the preparations for war at home.


Would You Sacrifice Your Privacy to Get Out of Quarantine?

The coronavirus has reignited the post-9/11 debate about security and civil liberties. The U.S. response to that tragedy has lessons for how to manage the trade-offs this time around.


Trump's Gift to ISIS

What happens to U.S. allies in Syria after America's withdrawal?

White Nationalism.jpg

The Fight Against White Nationalism is Different

What it means to go to war against an ideology.

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Revenge of the Intelligence Nerds

Spies versus the American president.

China's Spies.jpg

China's Spies are on the Offensive

How former American intelligence officials are being turned against their country.

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Joe Biden's Haunted Legacy in Iraq

On Joe Biden's long and tortured Iraq War history.


Inside The Shadow War Fought By Russian Mercenaries

The Wagner Group has ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle but blurs the line between what is and isn’t happening on Moscow’s orders.


Trump's New Iran Strategy, Inspired By The Cold War, Calls For "Maximum Pressure"

An out-of-print book on Ronald Reagan's strategy against the Soviet Union is seen as inspiration for the Trump administration's Iran policy.


The Same Smuggling Routes That Helped Build ISIS Are Now Helping Its Members Escape

US officials say most of ISIS fighters have died on the battlefield. Smugglers along the Syria-Turkey border say many have escaped.


The ISIS Killers

An elite group of Iraqi soldiers is leading the battle to free the city of Mosul from ISIS.


Inside The Real US Ground War On ISIS

As the US and its allies prepare to launch a major offensive for Mosul, US service members are on the ground in growing numbers — and increasingly in harm's way.


How To Lose Your Mind To ISIS And Then Fight To Get It Back

It’s far easier to join ISIS than to leave.


This Is How Syrian Antiquities Are Being Smuggled And Sold

The trade in stolen antiquities from Syria funds all sides of the civil war that has engulfed the country.


ISIS Operative: This Is How We Send Jihadis To Europe

BuzzFeed News' Mike Giglio speaks to an ISIS operative in Turkey about the group's efforts to smuggle fighters to the West.


This Is How ISIS Smuggles Oil

An exclusive ground-level look at the illicit oil trade that has made ISIS the world's richest extremist group.


William Suess Thought He Was An American Until The Day He Was Deported

Born in Germany but raised in Missouri, "Wild Bill" Suess served in the Army, then did time for various crimes. Then immigration agents came calling.

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